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Kishore Namit Kapoor talking to students
Students engaged in conversation
KNK observes an acting demonstration
During Acting practice
Students engaged in a scene
Acting demonstration by KNK students
Students in a scene
KNK students practice a scene
A scene being performed by students
Kishore Namit Kapoor with a batch of students
Dance demonstration
Students listen to a Lecture by Ashish Vidyarthi
Ashish Vidyarthi talks to KNK students
Students with Kishore Namit Kapoor
Engaging students in activity
Viveik Oberoi with Kishore Namit Kapoor
A batch of students
Batch of Kishore Namit Kapoor students
A batch of Kishore Namit Kapoor's students
Hrithik Roshan at Kishore Namit Kapoor's book launch
KNK students in a vocal training session
A student
Kishore Namit Kapoor talking to students
A training session at KNK
Students in a training session
KNK shares tips with students
Vocal training session at KNK's
Batch of students in a session
Kishore Namit Kapoor addresses students
Students at KNK
Training session
Kishore Namit Kapoor discusses acting
A session underway at the Institute
A recorded session taking place
Student talking to Kishore Namit Kapoor
Student discusses acting with KNK
Students preparing for a performance
Students in a discussion
Kishore Namit Kapoor's Acting school
A comic moment during acting sessions
Students reading their scripts
Viveik Oberoi in an acting session
A student at Kishore Namit Kapoor's Acting Institute
Kishore Namit Kapoor talks to students
During a Comedy scene with students
Batch of Kishore Namit Kapoor's Students
Kishore Namit Kapoor
Hrithik Roshan in an acting session
Guest speaker taking an acting session
Acting demonstration session
Students of Kishore Namit Kapoor
Kishore Namit Kapoor with students
Kunal Kapoor undergoes training
Kunal Kapoor getting acting pointers
Kishore Namit Kapoor talking to students
Viveik Oberoi at KNK's book launch
Students engaged in conversation
Smiling students

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