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Start Your Acting Career with KNK's Acting Workshop in Mumbai

KNK Acting Institute offers the best acting workshop for a new entrant in the film industry. This workshop will entail an intensive and result oriented training which requires student's total commitment and dedication for the entire duration of the course.

It will groom you according to the standards required in the film industry so that you leave this workshop as an experienced and competitive actor or actress which has gone through the practical training as well.

It will help realize your potential and mould you into it for your success in the film industry. The important skills covered by the workshop are:

Opening up Exercise
This will help you to come out of your safety zone and explore the new ideas and opportunities as an actor or actress.


Through this you will learn how to phrase the words or statements to convey your precise emotions in front of the camera.
 •Imagination and Expression exercises
 • Cinema orientation seminars
 •Body Language
 • Other vital skills and Personality enhancement
 • Memory
 • Shoot in front of HD camera
 • Dance & Music
 • Action
 • Audition Technique
 • Mime, etc.

These skills will push you in the right direction to achieve professionalism, polish and become a star. With the help of all the instructions, training, techniques and practical approach followed by this workshop, you will have a vast knowledge of television and film industry to work with. You will be confident in nature to face the camera and show your mastery in controlling emotions while expert in expressing your feelings which will convey your message to your viewer very clearly.

Once you finish this workshop of KNK Acting Institute, you will get your profile on the institute's website so that you will get the exposure in the film industry and make it easy for others to approach you for different acting projects.



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