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Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute is Best Acting School in India

Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute is a best acting school in India for acting training whose mission is to educate future actors under a unifying concept that allows learning the profession as well as the re-knowledge and knowledge of the person for better personal and professional development. It is, though strict fraternal and intimate space in which students acquire the skills and competencies necessary for their future roles as actors in theater, film and television.

We understand that the essence of acting creativity is in practice in development teamwork and experimentation with scenic languages. Our fundamental premise is learning by doing, so students know and explore the scene from the first stage of the training process. The school also encourages awareness and active students from ongoing dialogue and reflection on his craft and its own process growth as a person in connection with their environment. That is, our mission is not limited to the preparation of professionals to the scene but aims at the integral formation of men and women for life.

The school has full and continued support in infrastructure, logistics and production, which has its own theaters, exhibition halls, lighting equipment, sound and video. They can receive workshops and / or complementary update seminars, in addition to lectures and talks with renowned teachers, artists and media professionals. Of all the opportunities our pedagogical approach is most important in terms of training and artistic projection.



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