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  1. The fee here is high. Other institutes are cheaper. Please explain?
    There are two reasons for this:
    1) We’ve never compared ourselves to other institutes since Kishore sir is a pioneer in
    his field. Other institutes appeared much later in an attempt to replicate his
    success. Here, at KNK Acting Institute, one receives four decades of his experience
    and expertise. So he may craft you, train you and unleash your star persona. It is
    important to note –Kishore sir has a unique process that nobody else has been able
    to replicate, which is in tune with the films being produced today. It is the same
    difference as going to a good surgeon vs an inexperienced surgeon. The impact is
    on one’s own health.
    2) This is not “fees” alone. It is the student’s investment in herself/ himself. The program
    is designed to be holistic so one may benefit in manifold ways. Personality development
    to talent development, with a boost of motivation to face the industry with tools acquired
    at the institute is sure to set the student on the path of success. In the longer run, it is a
    drop in the ocean of material abundance this process unlocks.
  2. Short term courses should exist?
    Kishore sir believes that discovery takes time. Other institutes may offer a quicker,
    surface-level understanding of acting; true understanding for a form takes a long time,
    sometimes even years to develop. True mastery can even take a decade. Kishore Sir has
    been able to speed up the process of mastery to 9 months with his own brand of
    training – programs that he has developed over decades of practice using powerful
    emotional techniques and neuro linguistic programming (NLP). The idea is to take 9
    whole months to experiment, make mistakes and ultimately master your primary
    skills so you may directly begin work in the industry. With other courses, one will
    spend additional time trying to acquire deeper understanding from alternative
    means but that wisdom is offered to the student directly here. So give yourself the
    time you need to bloom into a star. All transformations take time and effort.
  3. You don’t promise work.
    No institute can promise work. Not even being a star son or star daughter is a guarantee
    of a career. The industry thrives on individuals who are in an artistic upswing, creating
    with their talent. Having said that, since the industry finds KNK Acting institute very
    trustworthy, many casting directors directly reach out to us with various queries.
    We make sure we send the most deserving candidates forward, who demonstrate
    excellent skills and qualities. One also carries the brand of this institute as one steps
    out in the industry – a place which is always looking for markers of quality. It is the
    most recognised acting institute in the country, hands down.
  4. We want to view the campus
    We have an extensive campus, with many spaces around the primary campus. Including
    dance rooms, sets, rehearsal rooms, etc. However, we can offer you an electronic tour
    of the facility with a video.
  5. Demo class?
    Though Mr. Kapoor does not believe in his lectures being audited, we understand the
    query. We would redirect you to a few videos of the lectures that you can view online to
    see if you can follow the concepts being shared with you.
    One must remember that it is our policy to not provide demo lectures as the beginner has
    no means of assessing a trainer as the beginner is (by definition)new to the field. We
    believe our brand value and track record speak for the good work being done here. One
    must be able to trust the process to truly discover oneself.
  6. Does Kishore sir teach daily?
    Kishore Sir comes to the institute daily and oversees every educational decision. He is in
    charge of all acting based workshops and gives you final word on your work after a lesson
    has been taught. Of course we have a great supporting staff of teachers trained by
    Mr. Kapoor himself who oversee preparations. Concepts are introduced by Mr.
    Kapoor himself. He also gives you final feedback, along with a number of classes he
    conducts many days a week.
  7. Why is the fee for girls lower?
    The industry may appear intimidating to many female candidates. They enter with more
    uncertainty than male students. There is a need to encourage young women to take charge
    and showcase their talent. However, it is a discount that female students receive only
    based on merit and determination. Male students aren’t being charged
    more, female students are charged less to encourage their participation in
    the industry. And even when they are stars, female actors receive less pay (half on
    average) as compared to their male counterparts. This disparity of payment should
    be addressed. At the end of the day, this is an investment in yourself. It is up to the
    student to absorb as much as they can in this course.
  8. Food should be provided?
    During Covid, it is integral for everyone to be responsible for their own health and safety
    (along with the safety of others). Eating home-cooked meals, and eating separately is an
    important measure to maintain sanitation. So we encourage students to carry their own
    meals. Further, we believe lunch time is important for students to clear their heads
    and be by themselves. This helps them disconnect from work before returning to
  9. Can we meet Kishore sir?
    As one may imagine, Kishore sir is busy with administrative tasks and has very little time
    for meetings. Having said that, Kishore sir grants meetings only once the registration
    process has been fully completed (30 minutes) only to put the candidate’s mind at ease.
  10. Who are the other teachers?
    The teachers at the institute have been handpicked by Mr Kapoor himself. From Action
    directors and dance teachers to language experts and filmmaking teachers, all trainers
    have a decade plus experience in training students (some with on-field experience in the
    industry). We offer several dance videos, action videos and short films on our channel to
    share with you our teachers’ skills.
  11. Portfolio or showreel?
    We provide images and videos of many classroom exercises that can be shared for casting
    purposes. Outside of this, the institute has an inhouse production facility to create
    and edit videos and images. That engine is always running. But selection for certain
    extra benefits depends on the determination and discipline of a student. If the
    student shows ability, we immediately create work with them that reflects their
    strongest side.
  12. Will we get videos?
    Yes, we provide images and videos of many classroom exercises that can be shared for
    casting purposes. Though they may be classroom exercise, they can be extremely helpful
    in illustrating one’s abilities.
  13. Non Bollywood background actors doing well in the industry?
    Here are some names you may rec ognise:
    Priyanka Chopra
    Ranveer Singh
    Pulkit Samrath
    Amit Sadh
    Sonu Sood
    Ashi Singh
    John Abraham
    Lara Dutta
    Malvika Nair
    Satindar Sartaj
    Ketaki Mategaonkar
    Monica Gill
    …just to name a few. There are many people thriving in
    the film, tv and music industry who are students of the institute that come from non
    bollywood backgrounds, some have gone on to even become excellent directors and music
  14. What subjects will be taught?
    Our course is layered with many different workshops to shape and cultivate the
    candidate’s personality. Everything will be covered – From getting in touch with
    emotions, memory techniques, practicing the basic skills of acting through monologue
    and dialogue to dance, action, filmmaking basics.
  15. Short film?
    It is entirely based on the qualities of the student. If they demonstrate great determination
    and focus, they will surely feature in one of our productions. Having said that, there is
    a good chance you will feature on our youtube channel with 60,000 plus
    subscribers. Some of our films also make it to large OTT platforms like Hotstar.
  16. Auditions?
    Auditions and Casting Directors regularly send out several open calls to actors (for walkin introductions at their offices). KNK Acting institute enjoys the respect of many casting
    directors and production houses, where the name carries a certain value. One is
    immediately looked at as a serious performer simply because they’ve been trained at a
    premiere institute. It is then upto the actor to form network relations that give them
    regular updates to projects. Also: We enjoy the trust of the industry. For
    this reason, many directors, producers and casting agents reach out to us.
    The openings appear in different places, hindi film industry + regional cinema
  • national TV and even admakers. Based on the brief we receive, we send out
    our actors for screen tests and auditions.
  1. What sorts of auditions will a fresher get?
    Nowadays, with the rise of OTT, opportunities are abundant. OTT shows are always
    being made and the search for great actors is always on. Talent shines everywhere –
    whether its ad films (high monetary returns, quicker productions) to OTT (long form
    commitment, high returns). TV is always great to set the base for your career, increase
    visibility and create an online presence. Film auditions occur frequently but having
    experience in OTT, AD and TV really helps in booking a movie role.
  2. What about Theatre?
    Yes, we do plays at the institute. Different types of plays from street plays/ small skits to
    lavish productions shot at film studios, theatre is all about discipline and conviction. Film
    and TV are more technical as they are shot in smaller clips or shots. So we start with a
    base of plays and then build toward a technical understanding of performance (more in
    tune to film and TV).
    Here are some links to plays created at and by the institute:
  3. Which method of acting are we taught?
    Kishore sir has created his own approach to cinema and TV acting, which is in touch with
    the times. Though methods like Chekhov and Stanislavski are introduced as concepts,
    our students learn a holistic, zen approach to acting, where one connects with and
    disconnects from emotions in the snap of a finger. This technique is in tune with the
    cinema of our times and requires understanding, approach and feedback. We
    invite you to trust the process – in light of our track record of creating super
    successful stars (who win both commercial film awards and international critic
    awards). This unique technique is what one pays for.
  4. How many hours of acting a day?
    We have a full day’s program, with many hours of performance oriented work. Even
    after hours, students are encouraged to stay back and use the rehearsal space provided
    to them to keep working on their monologues and scenes. Even dance and action is
    approached with acting in mind as these forms are within the world of expression and
    acting (on beats). Though it would be hard to put a number on it, we pursue a full
    day of performance work with 3-4 hours of acting oriented work.
  5. Daily class schedule?
    Our schedule is flexible and always changing. Typically, we start out with simple
    exercises with less homework in the beginning progressing toward more and more
    complex work and homework as the course progresses. Everyday, the students
    have a full day of classes, with dance, action, music, mime, filmmaking lectures and
    of course monologue and dialogue scenes. Since the program is ever evolving and
    tailor made for each batch, it would be hard to answer the question as the process
    is modular in nature. However, one can expect different exercises, from mental
    and emotional processes to performance workshops. We don’t waste a moment.
    We hope to have answered all your questions.
    Thank you for Reading.

Terms and Conditions

1. The course charges are purely towards the training only.

2. All the extra rewards in terms of material, kind and effort are only offered to the students performing as per expectations at no extra charges.

3. Institute reserves the full right to add, modify or withdraw any rewards mentioned above.

4. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

5. Please let us know if you are suffering from any physical disorder.

6. If institute is not fully informed about your physical / health disorder and it affects you during any classes then institute / teachers will not be responsible for any future health & physical complexities of the students.

7. If the student gets injured or hurts himself during any activity in classes then the institute is not responsible.

8. The course fees and registration fees cannot and will not be refunded under any circumstances.

9. 100% attendance is compulsory. If attendance drops under 100% and/or the students discipline or focus waivers, the institute is free to take any disciplinary step against the student as the institute deems for.

10. Students cannot use the video or images or any other media provided to the student for any purpose other than personal review. The institute remains the sole proprietor of the intellectual property of these materials.

11. Students need to declare that  he/she is of sound, mind and body by signing the undertaken during admission.

12. It is mandatory to every student to come for the class on time.

13. All the students are abide by the rules and regulations of the institute.

14. It is mandatory for every student to accept all the terms and conditions during admission.

15. All claims subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

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Details for fees payment

Once selected confirm your REGISTRATION with advance fee payment of the student, which will be adjusted against the full payment.

The balance fee amount is payable BEFORE the first day of your session.

Payment through Cheque/P.O/DD/NEFT/RTGS should be in favor of “KNKFTT ACTING EDUCATION PRIVATE LIMITED” payable at Mumbai.

NEFT/RTGS Details:


Account Number:  40770845964

Bank Name: SBI BANK

Branch: LFC House, 12/103, RSC 2, Janki Devi School Road, SVP Nagar, Old Mhada, Four Bungalows, Andheri West – Mumbai – 400053.

IFSC Code: SBIN0061656

NOTE :- Registration amount and Admission fees are non-refundable and GST rate may vary as per Govt. notification.