Here at Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute we believe in values above everything else. And there is no value greater than service. By service, we mean contribution to a cause greater than oneself. The line of work that you have chosen for yourself requires as much dedication, honesty and sacrifices as any other path of service. Above all, one requires compassion and an astute sense of realism.

We believe in your talent. And as you step forward with clarity and ambition, we believe you will draw out as much satisfaction out of serving as you will out of aesthetics. And with this belief system, we set forth with our vision:

We envision a world of aesthetic creators (Actors) who are bold enough to bare their souls, the anatomy of their emotions and their perception of truth. We envision these creators to not be isolated as entertainers or the morally quadriplegic. Rather, we wish for them to be honored and understood as laborers’, artists and co-creators of ideas, events and personalities. We do not wish for conventional fame for them, where mindless crowds mimic their every move. Instead, we wish for their values to be mimicked. We wish that the individuals – who belong to the audience – also set forth on a journey of self – exploration and truth

Performers have captivated imaginations, shared laughs and shed tears with millions. And yet, they’ve managed to initiate a personal relationship with every member of that very audience. Good actors do great service. They elevate moods, energize and help us escape. They also show us a mirror and send us reeling into our own minds, fishing memories and images of fantasy.

We envision a word of aesthetic balance, where lives are lead with the same honesty and integrity as the protagonist of a great cinematic offering and actors performs with the same sense of realism as the man waiting in line to watch that very film.